reetuf’s biokemian työharjoittelu, 生物化学の研究留学

フィンランド語でも日本語でも(時々英語でも)日本研究留学の経験と色々なほかのことについて書きたいです。This blog will have entries about internship exchange experiences in Japan and other things.


Today I have one month left before leaving Finland to do the internship in Hokkaido University (北海道大学, in romanised version: Hokkaidou daigaku) in Japan. Actually, I am a little bit nervous in a good way and excited about this laboratory trainee-ship and life in Sapporo too. My goal is to learn lots of new techniques there so that I am able to conduct on independent research with a larger scale of assay methods than at the present in the future. Furthermore, boarding your understanding about science is always welcomed. I also want to integrate into the working culture of a Japanese university laboratory, and I think it will be quite a thought-provoking and an eye-opening experience. Still, the most of all, I hope the research project of the laboratory will go further with my work effort rather than backward.

P.S. The title "Tj30" means X days remaining from today (NB! not an exact translation).